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"I do not furnish recommendation letters lightly; however, it is without reservation that I recommend my PPT therapist. During the past 20 years, I have worked with various physical therapists. He is the best and demonstrates an exceptional level of support and dedication to my recovery.

- John V.

"I have Parkinson's Disease. With the guidance and encouragement of my therapist at Progressive Physical Therapy, my walking and movement have improved and now I can feel the difference in my muscle tone and balance."

- Frank K.

"I feel like I've gained four inches! I am more confident than ever and feel like a new man. I'm 100% improved! It has changed my life."

- Mike K.

"I enjoyed my therapy very much. It made me feel good. I feel I have improved in physical strength and I no longer feel unsteady or dizzy."

- Joyce F.

"Since my husband started at PPT, I have noticed improvement in his walking. He is standing straighter and not shuffling his feet. He says he feels stronger."

- Eleanor M.

"I am so excited with my progress in balance and walking without help through the treatment at PPT. It's a very nice atmosphere."

- Jocelyn W.

"My walking feels better. I don't feel like I am going to fall as much as I did before I started therapy."

- Helen P.

"When therapy was prescribed to improve my balance, PPT seemed like an excellent choice, which proved to be true. The therapist was thoughtful and knowledgeable . . . it was a most profitable six weeks for which I am most grateful."

- Helen G.

"I've made lots of advancement. My strength and flexibility are much better . . . I am thankful for the excellent help PPT has given me."

- Mary A.

"After a severe stroke, I had four months of therapy. Because of my PPT therapist, I now have the use of my right leg."

- Margaret M.

"When we came to PPT we did not know what to expect. On our final visit, we knew that we would receive congeniality, courtesy and a feeling of trust."

- Alyce B.

"What sets PPT apart from other physical therapy places is: 1) State-of-the-art physical therapy exercise equipment and 2) caring and highly qualified therapists. I do not hesitate to recommend PPT to my family and friends."

- John S.

"I am 77 years old and have finally found a physical therapist that understands and focuses exclusively on my balance problems. I have been to three other physical therapists in the last three years and none of them focused on my balance problems and the sessions were too short. The staff has been very thoughtful and knowledgeable. Everything has been handled on a very professional basis. Most important is the fact that I can really tell the difference after only maybe eight weeks of treatments."

-Roland L.

"The type of therapy I received was different from any other I've had before. My biggest problem was my balance. I worked on that.  I'm happy with my therapy progress and I am happy to know that I have improved. I've had wonderful help and hope to get much better."

-Ona S.

"I walk with more confidence. Before I could hardly walk with a cane. Now I walk without a cane and I have much better balance."

-Yolanda M.

"I've noticed better balance, improved walking and less numbness. I'm more confident and the exercises are helpful in my day-to-day activities."

-Dan R.

"I can walk up stairs without using my arms to pull me up. I can get up and out of a chair without using my hands. I can close my eyes with confidence and not fear. I am light years from where I started. I attribute this progress a great deal to my therapist at PPT and their sophisticated therapy equipment."

-Robert M.

"It is such a pleasure for us to come to therapy. Our balance is much better and it's a very good thing for us to come and stay active."

-Jack & Jeanette W.

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