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Progressive Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned and operated outpatient clinic that is free of "corporate agendas" and allows for greater emphasis to be placed on individualized patient care and results. Founded in 2007, the first clinic opened in Hinsdale, Illinois, followed by a second location in 2009, in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

The clinic's founder, Mohamed Sanad, PT, and Dr. Omar Hussein partnered to create Progressive Physical Therapy by combining their extensive clinical background treating spinal disorders, neurological impairments, neuropathy and orthopedic recovery. Equipped with a strong commitment to helping others, the therapists also have expertise in balance training and vestibular (inner-ear disorder) rehabilitation, proven to alleviate vertigo, dizziness and disequilibrium.

Our staff stays current by partaking in regular training programs and continuing education. As a result, our patients always receive treatment from therapists who utilize the latest proven techniques to maximize the benefits of rehabilitative therapy. Our goal is to return each patient to their fullest functional capacity as quickly as possible.

As a small, privately owned physical therapy clinic, Progressive Physical Therapy guarantees all their patients a level of personalized attention not commonly found at larger, hospital-affiliated clinics.

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"PPT is the only facility geared toward the prevention of falls. I feel this is a vital aspect of patient care. The staff is dedicated to improving the patient's quality of life and they truly care about each person."

- Gene O. Neri, MD

"I do not furnish recommendation letters lightly; however, it is without reservation that I recommend my Progressive Physical Therapist. During the past 20 years, I have worked with various physical therapists. He is the best and demonstrates an exceptional level of support and dedication to my recovery."

- John V.

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